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Kelly's Journal

Monday, March 8, 2010

12:10AM - Friends only


This is a journal that I put together to pretty much put down my thoughts about church, etc. If you don't believe in God then this isn't the place for you!! I will be putting down all of my thoughts on the situation. I will add pretty much anyone that asks, but please don't say anything bad in my journal or you will be removed right away. I have other journals that I talk about my faves, billyanddomsluv, frodo_bagend, hobbit_elflover, _lordofthedorks, frodo_shagginz which is about work, essenceof_frodo which is where I post my stories and I have frodos_wife to talk about the dealings with my ex. Those are not about church and God that much, this one is!!! If you want to be added, please add me first and comment here!!!

I also have essenceof_frodo, but that is pretty much a private journal!!!

Current mood: busy

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